Anybody up for Gay Days?

Event: Gay Days Anaheim
Event Dates: 05 October 2012 – 07 October 2012
Event Location: United States, Los Angeles
Where to stay: Best Selection of L.A.LGBT hotels

Today Gay Days Anaheim attracts over 30,000 guests to the Disneyland Resort each year! Pretty amazing. What was once a small one-day gathering has become a full weekend event with parties, gatherings, group photos, scavenger hunts, private meals, and much more!

Remember, this event isn’t presented by Disneyland (hence why it’s “unofficial”) so if you call Disneyland asking for information about Gay Day, they will tell you that this is not a Disney event.

With its gorgeous beaches lined with palm trees swaying in the gentle sea breezes, its throngs of gay and lesbian bars, clubs, shops and restaurants, Los Angeles is not so much a great gay travel destination, as a gay paradise. So it is little wonder that Los Angeles has a rapidly expanding gay community amongst the city’s population of 17 million people.

In addition to its many gay and lesbian bars and clubs, Santa Monica Boulevard also has a vast array of gay-interest shops. Elsewhere in Hollywood, the LGBT Center on North Hudson Avenue is the biggest gay and lesbian organization anywhere in the world.

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