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Start driving real targeted traffic into your business today! Your prospects & leads are here on this site everyday!


Want More Paying Customers?

Marketing Rule #1. Get more paying customers into your business. While your best customers really are your existing customers, you need a continuous fresh supply of new customers.

For as low as $20 per lead we can drive more real pink traffic to your business every single month.

Want to do business with your Customers More Often?

Marketing Rule #2. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Give them a reason to keep doing business with you.

We've made it easy with your Lead Machine to change out your offers!

Offer more expensive items

Marketing Rule #3. The more value you deliver to your customers the more they will acknowledge you as their trusted source. If you are not providing higher and more valued solutions to your customers, someone else will.

Did you know that higher priced items are often easier to sell, especially when they have features & privileges combined with another product or service?

Are Your Ready?

The question is how much do you want? And when do you want to start?

We are limiting the number of LGBT business per niche that we will be working with using our Lead Machine program, so if this is something you feel will benefit your business, LOCK in your Pricing and Position today before your competition grabs your spot!

How the Lead Machine Works:

 Gay Friendly Market will develop a personalized Lead Machine for your Business that includes your Logo, Coupon, Offer or Promotion, Features, etc in the format you see on this page.

Your Lead Machine & page is fully SEO'd and will appear on the Gay Friendly Navigation Menu as well as in our rotating Deals Ticker in the Footer and City pages.

 All Leads are forwarded to you in real time so that you can follow up immediately.

 The initial set up fee is being discounted for this Limited Time Offer and there are no additional fees during the first month.

 Give it a try, if you like it, we''ll automatically renew your program monthly.

 Monthly Pricing is a the greater of $200 per month or $20 per lead generated. For example, if you get 10 leads (or less) in the month there will be no extra fee. If you get 15 leads in the month, then we will charge you $20 each for the 5 extra leads in a separate billing along with csv file of all of your leads.

 Cancel anytime you want.