LGBT People Of History Collection

What a remarkable collection of LGBT history and I am sooooo impressed by the passion and dedication these two buffs have put into this project. I recommend bookmarking this page, because it will definitely be one that you want to come back to. My partner is constantly quizzing me if I know about so and so and invariably I loose the bet. Now I have my own little secret weapon.

Thank you Callum and Ian, our community is proud of your work and we are happy to help spread the word on your works too.

The Idea behind the ‘LGBT People Of History Series’ came about after Ian (alian346) and I (calpol25) were discussing how much we were both passionate about LGBT History and the many people who had passed through the centuries and contributed in some way to it.

We both came up with the idea of joining forces and writing Hubs between us and linking them together in some way. Fortunately for us both, Hub Pages has provided link capsules so we could instantly link the hubs together without causing inconvenience to people having to hop between profiles to find the Hubs.

So we wrote our first Hub together four weeks ago about Hadrian – the Roman Emperor who built a wall along the border of Scotland very near where I live in Carlisle. Since writing that hub many wonderful people have commented and given us much support to continue. So Ian and I have continued to write more and more!

I have decided to create this Hub as a convenient place for you to view all of the Hubs that we have both written. As we continue to write the Hubs I shall put each link on this Hub so that you can keep up to date with the ones we have recently published.

Once again thank you all for your support and wonderful comments. We are so happy that you all enjoy our work and hope that you will continue to do so as we provide more.

Thank you all :)

Calpol25 and alian346.

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