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LGBTQ communities are an important part of economies throughout the Globe.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Successful LGBTQ Marketing

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When you register and become a part of our optimized LGBTQ portal, Pride consumers from around the world looking for your products and services will see you. You’ll be visible. You’ll have a high-ranked Pride community presence to show off your business’ unique offerings.

Directory Listing

Directory Listings are key to how audiences search and find Gay Friendly Businesses (in their neighbourhood or on a getaway). Our powerful directory is your #1 Digital Solution--like a car needs an engine, everything else is energy!

Packages starting at $9

Daily Deals

Pride audiences are highly engaged and interested in fresh, relevant content and local promotions. Pride Live Market Promotions are a great way to get the word out to the community daily!

For less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Ads & Banners

Leverage our unique and exceptional digital ad server to target LGBTQ audiences by gender, location, interests and more. The right combination of Audience + Message + Size + Position drives engagement and awareness beyond what is possible via other traditional methods.

Premium ads starting at $497

Event Posting

The Pride Community invented Fun! And we live for Events of all kinds. If you have a Directory Listing you get unlimited access to all Event Boards. Other customers may select Paid, Live, Virtual or Ticketed Event packages to maximize Event Exposure.

Al la Carte Event Packages starting at $9

Job Posting

Tapping into LGBTQ Community Talent can definitely give your organization a competitive advantage! Employers that go beyond workplace inclusivity are rewarded with incremental returns. We have multiple Job subscription levels suitable for small to large organizations.

Packages starting at $39


You've heard that one person's junk is another person's treasure right? And with today's environmentally conscious society valuing efforts to re-purpose, re-use, and renew, our members will seek out options to buy and sell personal goods in our Pride Community Classified Market.

Sponsored Content

Reserved for serious power branding partners, our Sponsored Content vehicle allows you to be the community's expert on a given topic. Choices include a) one-time informative article published on select feature pages and shared via social media, or b) as a Bi-Line Author with weekly or biweekly published articles to capture lead-generating clicks.

Online Courses

For Instructors with existing workshops, learning or online materials here is a turnkey opportunity to expand your reach with a passive income stream. Whether your content is DIY, How To, Academic, Arts, Health, Specific or General Knowledge, the Pride Community is interested in self-improvement & learning. Leverage our Pride Training Channel!

Pride Vendor Marketplace

LGBTQ audiences are known to be diverse, loyal supporters of their community actively searching out Pride organizations by preference. We’re excited to include Gay Friendly Businesses as Pride Vendors in our Market Place. We’re looking for hyper local and global Businesses to become a part of this unique opportunity to serve the community together!

The Gay Friendly Market Difference

A Proven Track

Unparalleled Client Focus

Are self-serve advertising options and local agencies not meeting your expectations? We have no quota to meet here.  We ‘ll give honest recommendations on which of our array of integrated Digital Solutions is best suited to meet your goals. We want you to succeed and see us as part of your marketing team. 


Priorities & Process

We always aim to provide the right approach, with the right tools, and the right audience. For managed advertising accounts we utilize a 7 step marketing process (we like to call our Yellow Brick Road!)

Unique and Impactful

Best Practices

Our Digital offerings are carefully selected based on best practices and performance for our clients. We offer completely unique & impactful solutions for local, national, and global based organizations seeking to optimize their LGBTQ presence, brand and relations. 


We Have Answers

Each of our Digital Advertising Services has its own purpose and capabilities.

There is no “best”, but there definitely are ones better matched to reach specific results than others. Let’s start with your need!

No. A solid marketing plan would however eventually encompass several Digital Solutions. Like an onion, the services work well in layers.

We recommend starting with the Directory Listing and then adding more Digital Solutions to increase engagement and obtain specific results based on your needs and budget.

Yes. We can discuss a marketing campaign that can be implemented very quickly to boost your business. 

When the campaign goes live, we’ll make sure it gets plenty of attention.

Our Directory Listing engine has been custom designed and packed with tools and resources that will help SEO.

Every Directory Listing has your web & social links, location, hours, categories & keywords. Plus users can like, add listing as favourite and even leave a review.

These elements are both user friendly and very important for SEO. Directory Listings with good content and decent user interaction will be pleasantly surprised by their SEO results.

Our Premium and Pro Directory Listing Programs have even more resources including Featured Listing, FAQs and customized SEO tagging.

We provide full service for our Premium Ads & Banners, Sponsored Content and Online Course Services.

With full service we utilize a 7 step marketing process starting with a Client Needs Assessment and concludes with a campaign performance review to see where the biggest successes were.

We include digital creatives for Premium Ads.

We also perform any required editorial adjustments for sponsored content and online course content materials.

We do an administrative review and edit of all submissions prior to approving and publishing them. This includes Directory Listings, Daily Deals, Event & Job Postings. 

Get started.

Have fun.

Engage with the Pride Community in meaningful, genuine and respectful ways.

Respond to user inquiries and reviews on your Directory Listings. 

Develop relationships by being active in discussions, comments, forums and community submissions yourself.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

No, we do not offer refunds or trials.

While we will do our best to provide recommendations for your marketing service, review your content for appropriate messaging, and provide personal support, we do not guarantee any results.

Once your marketing service is live we have no control over who and how often it is viewed or acted upon.

You may however pause, resume or upgrade most of our Marketing Services at any time!

Subscriptions that are paused, expired or unpaid will revert to unpublished states. 

Use our Contact us page or widgets throughout the portal to let us know what you need help with. We will respond personally.

Our Directory Listing Programs have various response times.

We are adding a Library of How To’s and FAQs so that all users can learn how to use our robust tools

In the future we will add a Ticket System.

Commited to Your Success