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Got a Job Opening to Fill?

Tap into the LGBTQ Community
to Find Great Talent!

Employers of choice demonstrate leadership by:

  • Taking action to challenge discrimination or unconscious bias
  • Embracing the effect of feminism in their workplace and promoting equality
  • Committing to making a change toward gender equality in the workplace
Gender Equality
Expand your range of talent by offering
creative positions to young specialists!
Equal Opportunities
Attract women in the workplace
with a range of growth opportunities
Inclusive Opportunities
Passion & pride are equally important
in a diverse inclusive workspace
Discrimination be Gone
Discrimination has no place, period!
Out, proud workers are respected at all levels!
Go Beyond
Attract LGBTQ team members into your workplace
at every level, capacity and location!

Job Listing Packages Now Available!

Explore new talent

The LGBTQ community has plenty of undiscovered talent throughout the globe. Tapping into this pool can definitely give your organization a competitive advantage! Not to mention a base for developing important relations, brand and community leadership opportunities.

Create Affinity

An LGBTQ-friendly work environment is a place where every individual can be themselves, share their life stories, and embrace the passion & pride of being part of a diverse space. Employers that maintain work-life-inclusion attract & retain a high level of engagement, loyalty and ambassadorship!

Get a fresh perspective

Employers that go beyond workplace inclusivity are rewarded with incremental returns. It's a simple formula of a) incorporating diversity as a core value, b) actively practicing diversity recruitment, and c) offering equal opportunity in training, promotions and growth positions throughout the company!

Launch Your LGBTQ
Friendly Employer Presence Today!

Select from 3 Subscription Packages which allow you to lock in pricing while having the option to Suspend and Resume your package from month to month, or select the Single Job Listing for a 1x Purchase.

All Job Listings are for one month and Employers may mark “Job Filled” at any time.


* Payment is in US$
** Save $ with monthly program!
*** Programs may be paused, resumed or upgraded at any time!