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Pride Live Market Promotions

We’re excited to introduce Pride Live Market at

This is a special service we’re introducing initially to our partners on Gay Friendly Market who have a current Directory Listing.

We want to help you spread the word about your promotions with the LGBTQ Community!

Our readers enjoy a high level of engagement and are interested in fresh, relevant content and local promotions.

Pride Live Market Promotions are a great way to get the word out to the community daily!

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee your promotions can be in front of target audiences every single day!

What types of promotions work best?

  • Big sales
  • Daily specials
  • Holiday promotions
  • Sell gift certificates
  • Offer a free/paid class
  • Last minute promotions
  • Open houses, VIP invites
  • New items, arrivals, menus, features
  • Advice in your profession or industry
  • Any special, deal, promotion with a Call to Action!
  • Post all Events, Specific Functions, Rallies, Entertainment, etc on our Event Submissions!

Have seasonal downtimes? These are times when you should be engaging audiences more than ever, but, if you need a break from Live Market Promotions, no problem – you can pause your subscription service for any months that you don’t need it, and resume for the months that you do need it. And your subscription price price is locked in so you don’t have to worry about rate increases!

Pride Live Market Featured Promotions Subscribers benefits from:

  • Unlimited Posting Privileges
  • Posts are Featured & included at the top of the MarketPlace feed
  • Posts are Randomly Rotated as Featured Promotions in Sidebars
  • Posts are included on our social networks
  • Post teaser and links are included in our Subscriber Newsletters
  • Featured posts self expire in 2 months from posting date
  • Subscription rate locked in for life!

Pride Live Market Lite Promotions Subscribers benefits from:

  • Posting Privileges - 1 Promotion per Day
  • Posts are listed in date order on MarketPlace feed
  • Most Recent Posts are included with Promotions in Sidebars
  • Lite posts self expire in 1 month from posting date
  • Subscription rate locked in for 1 year!
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Pride Live Market Promotions - Featured Subscription Pack

Subscription Terms : $49.00 USD for the first 30 days then $49.00 USD for each 30 days.

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