How Referral Points Work:

Step 1: Sign Up

Click on the button below to sign up for our free Pride Rewards Pass Program and earn your first 10 Points.

Step 2: Embedded social share buttons

After you sign up, you’ll find your referral link on the thank you page. You’ll find social buttons (Facebook/Twitter) embedded with your referral link (see image sample).

Step 3: Share on social, email or your website

Sharing on social feeds (Facebook/Twitter) is simple, just click your button and proceed to your social page to post with a comment.

Share your bare link via email or on your website too.

If your friends/followers click on the shared content and sign up, you will earn a point instantly.

Plus you’ll be notified via email when a new user signs up through your link.

Step 4: Track your affiliate referral stats!

You’ll find your Pride Rewards Pass referral stats on your MyRewards page.

Earn Rewards with Gay Friendly Market PridePass
Sharing your exclusive Pride Pass Rewards referral link will earn you points for every new person who signs up through your link!
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