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Who do you know that would be a great asset and contribution to the Gay Friendly Market portal?

  • Perhaps you know of an LGBTQ organization or Gay Friendly business that could use more supporters or customers?
  • Perhaps you have friends or family that love to participate & engage with the LGBTQ community!

This is a terrific portal and directory for local and global Pride communities. And we would love your help to spread the word with your peeps.

Below are 3 quick and easy ways for you to help:

Become a Member

Join our online community as a Pride member yourself and start taking advantage of all the great resources.

It’s free to join, and we also have an amazing Pride Rewards Program with lots of ways for you to earn points for referring friends, for engaging with & participating in the Gay Friendly Market community!

Suggest a Group or Business

Use this form to suggest groups or businesses that could benefit by becoming part of our directory listings, promoting their goods and services, events, and increase their presence to a vast, engaged, Gay Friendly audience!

Once we will get some details from you, we’ll pull together a sample directory listing for them to consider claiming. 

If you already have an account, please login, otherwise an account will be generated for you when you submit this form.

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Sponsor a Group or Business

During these difficult times,  we all need to #StickTogether to support business and initiatives in our communities.

Our Commitment Remains: Many otherwise healthy businesses have hit desperate cash crunches, and we’d like to help them during this period of uncertainty.

If you have the resources, now might be a great time to show your support and generosity by Sponsoring a Group or Business with a directory listing for someone in need!

We are making our annual Basic Directory Listing ($228 value) available for you to Sponsor using our Covid Pay What You Can Afford option.

Plus we will match your generosity by crediting the Sponsored Listing Owner with a One Month Premium Ad to help them with even more visibility!

Be a Hero and Click the button to Sponsor someone you care about today!

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How can we help You?

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We connect you to a global
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We connect you to a global
and local Pride Community!

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